is almond milk fattening?

is almond milk fattening?

The question:

If I drink almond milk everyday would it be bad? 

Also is The Good Grain Companies Puffed wheat healthy? Is 15g of this puffed wheat 1 cup? 
And is 45g of bran flakes 1 cup and is it healthy despite being high in sugar?

The answer:

What does 'healthy' mean? Most foods are ok in moderation but if you mean 'will it make me put on weight?' then you'll have to look at the calorie contents of the foods you eat and keep a note of how many you consume a day. It doesn't take long, it's easy, and it's the ONLY way to find out if what you eat will make you lose or gain weight. 

As an example almond milk has half the calories of semi-skimmed cows milk and contains antioxodants and numerous vitamins and minerals, so I'd say you were fine drinking it every day... as long as you're not getting through litres of it.

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